Monday, April 04, 2005

so much to say

Well, It's been a while... Last week my family took a very nice trip out to southern Arizona to visit Adam's parents. While we enjoyed our four days in the sun and with his parents, and there were many things that I enjoyed about it, there are several things I DID NOT enjoy that I now need to get off my chest.

1. The plane ride down in which we forgot a passifier and Brianna fussed/cried/screamed the entire 3 hours.
2. My sunburn, enough said.
3. No alone time... thus is the nature of a family vacation but still a negative
4. The trip home... for several reasons;
a. I was already feeling sick, but landings really kill me
b. a layover in Denver
c. a 1hr 20 min delay in Denver
d. not leaving Denver until 11:00 Denver time, thats MIDNIGHT in Chicago
e. landing in Chicago at 1:58 only to have the daylight savings time change make it 3:15 by
the time we got to baggage claim.
f. puking my guts out on the side of 294 at about 4 in the morning. (morning sickness +
tired+ 2 plane rides + airport food)

I think now I will go reflect on how I'm supposed to be feeling better after a nice relaxing vacation but instead feel more tired and especially ill this morning.


Jamie said...

Oh, this is sad news. If I had been driving on 294, I totally would've pulled over to hold your hair back. Yuck.

Jo said...

Thankfully I was wearing a low ponytail. No assistance needed this time... but I will keep you in mind the next time. ;-)