Monday, July 20, 2009

This is normal...

This summer, our plan was to get all these big projects done.
- Redecorate guest room (floor to ceiling) and move Brianna into that room.
- Redecorate Brianna's old room for new baby.
- Sort through a dozen (more really) bins of clothes to get rid of girl stuff we won't need and get boy stuff ready for new baby.
- FIND all the baby stuff I know we've kept, and need, but didn't label well in the many, many bins.
- find time to have fun with kids and not just be TV/auto pilot parents.

I can say we've done really well on the first two and I LOVE the kids rooms!
I'm still working on the many bins but still have quite a bit to do.

The one thing I am getting increasingly disappointed with myself is the last one. My kids are watching far too much TV and not getting out to do enough fun stuff. We've done a couple fun things, and Adam is pretty good about finding ways to entertain them outside or in the basement, but we don't GO anywhere or DO anything. Movies, the Zoo, Splash Parks, the Pool, that kind of thing, the stuff we NEVER do during the school year, it should be the stuff summer memories are made of... and we suck at it!

Sure there are excuses aplenty.... pregnant, tired, projects, cost, etc. Bull****! I need to do better at this! I'm going to work on it!... just not today. :-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pet Peeve!!!

Don't make plans with your friends on facebook wall! UGH!

Several of my work friends keep making plans to go out or have mommy playdates at the pool. They do this by posting openly on each other's "wall". Is it too sensitive if I feel excluded when 2 people I know, and am friends with, have plans and I see they didn't think to invite me? AND no- they don't know each other better, or for longer, or in other friendship ways...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost... Reward offered!

LOST- Mommy's patience! Resembles the ability to deal with 2 children and/or husband without yelling, getting frustrated, and holding head in hands. Was last seen at home but may have run away due to advanced state of pregnancy.

REWARD- Advice leading to even partial return of maternal patience will be rewarded with hugs, heartfelt thanks, and possibly tears. (Do not fear the tears, they come whether we want them or not.)

TIMELINE- Family would like to see Patience returned home prior to birth of baby (about 5 weeks from now). If Patience is still lost then, we fear it will never return willingly! HELP!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Productivity is overrated!

This week was VERY productive around our house.

Monday we primed "The barn room" with 2 coats of low-odor primer. We could still see some of the darker details through the primer but we hope a colored paint will take care of that. While Adam and I did that, the kids watched a movie and/or sat in the doorway watching us work. (This was their choice, not ours!)

Tuesday we were exhausted and shopped instead of worked. We bought the paint for the walls and ceiling. We also bought 2 clearance mattresses so we will have a functional guest room and Grant will get a real mattress instead of the crib mattress in his toddler bed.

Wednesday my parents came to help us! I LOVE my parents and they are great helpers. We rented a truck and moved a full room's worth of furniture into mom and dad's basement. We had planned to paint more after that but underestimated the energy and time it would take.

Thursday mom and dad came back to help again because they felt bad that they couldn't help more on Wednesday. Mom, Dad- we love you! You are allowed to feel tired! Anyway- they came back. Dad and Adam painted the ceiling and then walls of the Barn room, now to be known as the green room or Brianna's room. Mom and I cleaned out my large closet. This will be the temporary home of bb2b when he comes in August. (Our room is not quite big enough to host the pack-n-play but the closet has more than enough space.) The closet transformation is almost as drastic as the newly painted room. I don't have pictures of that, but it was BAD before.

Today is Friday. I hoped to do nothing all day but that is never a reality. We have plans to grocery shop. Adam and Brianna might finish some painting trim in her new room. We will pick up the mattresses we bought and maybe get them put on the beds.

I can't believe all we did this week. And for the record- the kids are NEVER allowed to change their minds about which rooms they want or what color it should be. Or they better save up the money to hire someone to paint! I am EXHAUSTED.

Next week- prime and paint bb2b's room, formerly known as Brianna's room. It's bright pink!