Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Celebrity Best Friends?

Reese and Ryan are splitting.

I am very sad. I always found a lot of connections between Reese and myself.
- We both met and married young.
- We actually got married the same year.
- We have 2 kids.
- She grew up in the midwest (Nashville).
- We are about the same age.

If I had to pick one celebrity to be best friends with, I always thought it would be Reese.

What about you? What celebrity do you connect with most?

Just one moment

My life is full of stress, and some days I thrive in it. I really try and take joy from what I do. Even when I can't find the joy in something, I know that tonight, I'm going to take my beautiful children in my arms and they will love me unconditionally. Grant will snuggle in my neck as he's falling asleep and Brianna will see how hard she can hug me and we will both giggle.

I don't feel that I am a great writer. I am fine, but I will never be able to use my own words to truly make my feelings known. So, today I'm going to borrow someone else's words.

Yesterday, this song really touched me. I had a average to bad day at work, and 2 cranky kids, and spent over $80 buying almost nothing at the grocery store, But this song was me, is me.

Some people think I'm crazy
But try to understand
I get satisfaction
Out of everything I can
The losers and the winners
The laughter and the tears
The noises of the day to day
Is music to my ears
And I like it
Yeah I like it, whooa

Gonna live it up this time
And dance like the song is never ending
Gonna get so high tonight
You won't be able to bring me down
Cause I like it
Yeah, I like it

Driving down the highway
The wind is in my hair
And if I hit a traffic jam
I swear that I won't care
Living the lows
Makes the highs that much higher
And the sun will shine through
The smoke and fire of love
Whooa, love

Gonna ride this merry-go-round
And dance like the night is never ending
Gonna get so high on life

You won't be able to bring me down
Cause I like it
Yeah, I like it
Oh, baby, I like it
Whooa, I like it

A sea couldn't wash away
The happiness I've come to find since love
Has taught me how to break
Break these chains that hold me back

Noisy streets and the sleepy bars
And the neon signs and the rusty cars
How many nights have I wondered how
One goes through life without seeing the beauty of love
Whooa, the beauty of love

Gonna live it up in this town
And dance like the song is never ending
Gonna get so high tonight
You won't be able to bring me down

And I like it
Yeah, I like it
Whooa, baby, I like it
Oh, yeah, I like it

(That's the beauty of life)

Artist: Dixie Chicks
Album: Taking The Long Way
Title: I Like It

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Halloween Parade!

Brianna, looking all cool, TOTALLY excited to see mommy in the middle of the day:

Grant, totally adorable, at least until he noticed me and started WAILING!!!!

Worst mommy in the world... or the best?

Wednesday I was called away from work again to pick up a sick child. This time it was Brianna. She was running a minor fever and was just very lethargic. I took her home. She stayed home Thursday with Adam, partly because she was still not herself, partly because the daycare center makes you keep them home for 24 hrs after a fever. By last night she was begging to run around and play so we let her attend her normally scheduled gymnastics class. She did great!

However, around bed time last night I noticed she was running a low fever again. I think we let her over do it! I really should have kept her home from school today. I didn't. I gave her Tylenol before bed, and again right before school, and I have my fingers crossed that she will make it through her day. The worst mommy in the world, right? I sent my sick kid to school where she could be miserable... not to mention possibly passing along her bug.

BUT... don't get out the electric chair yet! Today at school was her Halloween parade and party. She has been talking about showing her friends her Cinderella dress for W.E.E.K.S. And I was so excited that I got a friend to sub for one of my classes today so I could run over there and take pictures of the parade. I just couldn't make her stay home today. Best mommy in the world?

I'll settle for somewhere in between.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Funny Funny Funny

Check out this ad.

(you don't have to pay to watch the ad, only to download it.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The HAT!

One more picture of Grant's general attitude during the festivities.

Thanks for the hat Aunt Judy!

Birthday Pics!

Grant and his Dairy Free cupcake lovingly baked by Mom!

Grant after Mom took away his Binky to eat cupcake!
I hope it wasn't a reflection on my cooking!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

One more reason why I can't post all that fun stuff

I am... at WORK on SUNDAY!

What the heck is wrong with that woman you ask????
Last week is the matter:
Monday and Tuesday- Every spare minute and some not so spare minutes
spent cleaning and generally preparing/shopping for big first birthday
Wednesday- left work early to finish preparation... Birthday party at
5:30 (which by the way, guests (who do not work for a living) did not bother to show until around 6... more on that rant later perhaps!)
Thursday- received page in middle of important meeting, Grant was
running 103.4 temp! leave meeting.. rush to dr... only to have them
say that it's "nothing" and to wait it out. Arrange for my mom to
come out and spend day with Grant on Friday because he can't go back
to daycare and I have to teach an important lesson on Friday!
Friday- get interrupted while teaching important lesson to have
building nurse tell me that hubby is in nurses office in such severe
stomach cramps that he can't walk... do I want to drive him to the
hospital or should they call the ambulance? (Have I mentioned before
that Adam and I work in the same building?) Spend rest of Friday in ER
with A getting IV fluids and medicine only to have dr say... it's
"nothing" probably just stomach flu. (see also vomiting and diarrhea!)
Saturday- A is actually fine, Grant is improving quickly, I sleep- A
LOT, but we have to cancel big night out plans! We actually were
planning on going to a friends wedding... babysitter and hotel room

I can't wait to see what this week will hold!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When it rains, it pours

More things I will blog about when I have the time:

Grant’s birthday party
The stress of prepping for Grant’s birthday party
Pictures of said party
Memories of Grant’s first year
Funny things Brianna says now that sound grown up
Pictures, of course
Why my husband can be a real donkey sometimes
Why I put up with said donkey
Why work stinks
Why I should never try and be innovative
Why I am proud of being a good, working, mom

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Horrible World

This makes me sick!

How could a mother....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crazy Busy and just tired!

No time to post... no energy to think... up coming posts may include:

Brianna and her fear of just about everything!

Grant and his ability to climb stairs faster than me!


Photos and more photos!

The worlds most delicious cupcakes which I, myself, baked and thus completely ruined my Weight Watchers week!

Work and how I think I am awesome at it!

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And today's another "normal" day

When you have children, every emotion is magnified. The Joys are so much better. The sadness can be so much worse. But mostly, the fears.... they come more often and usually hit me like a freight train.

Last night, I feared for my life a little. I feared for my husbands life a little. I feared for my children's lives so much my body physically ached.

We spent a lovely evening in Chicago having my favorite meal, cooked by my mom, in honor of my dad's birthday. In the distance we could see dark clouds rolling in and lightening flashing. After the presents and pie, we packed up the kids, in their 'jammies, and headed home. We expected to hit rain. Adam was driving because I'm not good at night, my eyes start to hurt and I get REALLY sleepy. One thing about Chicago though, if you don't live there, is that the tall buildings deceive you on distances. The storm that looked miles away was really just outside the downtown area.

As soon as we hit the highway, the rain starting coming down in sheets. Sheets! Waterfalls! A Deluge! Long story short... our drive home was done entirely in various stages of invisibility. At good times, we could see 50-100 feet in front of the car and we drove about 40 mph. At the worst times we drove less than 10 mph and couldn't see our own headlights through the rain and marble sized hail. We thought about pulling over but two things stopped us.

In the back seat were two little heads, both slumped to the left, pudgy faces sleeping like angels. All we wanted was to get those two little people safely home, into their own beds. I turned around to check on them every time a semi-truck barreled past us. I checked on them after every minor accident we drove past. I spent a long time looking at them after the multiple car pile-up we drove by.

I used to worry about myself if my husband passed. I used to worry about him if something happened to me. Yesterday I worried about our will and our finances and what situation am I leaving my children in.

Am I over-reacting? Yeah, maybe a little. But I'm a mom, I get to over-react anytime I want to if my children are at stake. I guess that over-reacting gets bigger/better/worse too!