Friday, October 27, 2006

Worst mommy in the world... or the best?

Wednesday I was called away from work again to pick up a sick child. This time it was Brianna. She was running a minor fever and was just very lethargic. I took her home. She stayed home Thursday with Adam, partly because she was still not herself, partly because the daycare center makes you keep them home for 24 hrs after a fever. By last night she was begging to run around and play so we let her attend her normally scheduled gymnastics class. She did great!

However, around bed time last night I noticed she was running a low fever again. I think we let her over do it! I really should have kept her home from school today. I didn't. I gave her Tylenol before bed, and again right before school, and I have my fingers crossed that she will make it through her day. The worst mommy in the world, right? I sent my sick kid to school where she could be miserable... not to mention possibly passing along her bug.

BUT... don't get out the electric chair yet! Today at school was her Halloween parade and party. She has been talking about showing her friends her Cinderella dress for W.E.E.K.S. And I was so excited that I got a friend to sub for one of my classes today so I could run over there and take pictures of the parade. I just couldn't make her stay home today. Best mommy in the world?

I'll settle for somewhere in between.

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