Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My life is painfully NORMAL!!!

I have been trying to get better about posting... and finding nothing of interest to post.

I got some medical test results done... everything is normal, my cholesterol is actually great, and something called albumin in my blood is low but not dangerously so. The test showed that I need to work on my eating habits and loose some weight but a trained chimp could have told me that.

Grant is getting another tooth but I can't tell which one yet. He is up to a whopping 12 teeth now, we are expecting 8 more sometime in the next year or so. My guess is they will show up in groups of 2 or 3 about every 3 months, because, if nothing else, my son is "regular" in his every bodily function and behavior.

Brianna is talking up a storm and asks "Why" about EVERYTHING! This is not really of note though because she is 3 and 3 is the age of annoying and why! She says cute things, but nothing that cute. The most noticeable thing lately is that she repeats things.... apparently, I must say "Okey doke?" a LOT. She says it now but she says "obe dobe".

See... if your still reading... thanks.... what a load of nothing that turned out to be!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My brain is a steel sieve

A while ago, I read an article. No, of course I don't remember where or when.

Wait... don't leave yet... it gets better....

The article claimed that researchers had developed a theory about parental attachment with infants. The researchers had investigated especially the attachment of fathers and come to the following conclusion:

From birth to approx. age 3 ALL children are genetically programed to look more like their fathers than their mothers. The research went on to hypothesize that in the pre-paternity test world (and maybe the pre-monogamy days) that men needed proof that a child was theirs. therefore, all babies look more like their fathers at early ages to "prove" to the daddy that he should bother to bond with this baby.

What do you think?
Did you look like your dad when you were young?
What about your kids?.....

I know that both of my children look WAY more like my husband than me right now. It might be too late to save Bri, but I still have hope for Grant. ;-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When in Doubt...

Post Pictures!

Brianna with her bangs cut by mommy!

Grant before his first haircut:

Grant after his first haircut:

Mommys worst picture of kids ever!

Monday, April 16, 2007

more about me

I know, I have been just awful about posting for MONTHS now! I can only say that work has been forced to take precedence. I am very proud of all the work I did in this time but miss my slow lazy days when I had time to update and read blogs.

Well, that time is here again and it's better than ever! I have a student teacher working with me this quarter and starting Thursday... She takes over all teaching and planning and grading and phone calls! I love it!

In the meantime, I have planned a few posts that will be coming soon.

For today: here is a little interview chain idea that Jamie took from Whoorl who took it from someone else... don't you love the blog world?

ANYWAY... Jamie's questions to me:

1. If you chose to max out your credit cards, at which store would you do so?

I could not just choose one store! I would need something for me, somethings for the kids, maybe a little something for Adam, lots of fun stuff for the house.... I guess if I had to pick one store it might be like Target because who can resist tons of cool stuff for cheap?

2. Facial hair on men: yeah, or nay?

I do sort of like facial hair on men, some men. I like beards on older men like my dad... if they can keep it trim and neat; no crazy-bum looking- Santa Claus beards! I do like my hubby with a little facial hair; I think he looks more mature. But again- I hate it if it looks scruffy!

3. What is your favorite winter sport?

Is drinking hot chocolate a sport?

4. Who is more annoying – Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest?

I am not really annoyed by either. I try to avoid them both at all costs which is not hard since I am so hopelessly out of the cool 20-something zone! I only get to watch shows that come on after 8 pm or have some tie to cartoons! Show me cartoon versions of each one and then I'll vote!

5. Do you believe in heaven?

I think I do.... I mean I want to.... I mean yes. (sort of).
I am a very conflicted person religiously. On one hand I grew up with a strong Christian background and never questioned it. But I teach various religions for a living. I teach that one religion isn't right and another isn't wrong. That puts some of my earlier religious education into severe questioning. And if I question one thing, do I have to question it all?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Pics

As always, Jamie is SOOOOO much better about posting pictures of my kids than I am!
Check them out...

Monday, April 02, 2007

I saw a famous person!

I am pretty sure I saw Randy Spelling downtown Chicago this weekend. His hair is longer now but I totally recognized the eyes and the stare! He was just walking down Ohio St, towards Michigan Ave around 1pm... I thought I handled it pretty well... I just walked backwards for about a block (looking at the back of his head) telling Adam that I was sure I knew that guy from a boy band or something. I wish I had looked more closely at who he was with but it was really fast!

In other news, I may actually have time to start posting again!
oh yeah... only 46 more work days till summer break!
(feel free to hate me now)