Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Angel

Brianna is my Angel.

I am at work today and was putting off actually doing something by looking at a new picture of her. She is off with her grandma today visiting great-grandma. The best thing about sending her off with my mom is that she goes happily. I am actually anticipating that Bri will cry when grandma leaves this afternoon.

For the good of nothing in particular, here are some funny things Bri says:
(remember she's only 2!)

foo fies = French Fries
oh tah = Oh Kay!
Hi Elmo (well, actually she says hi to all her favorite characters when they show up on tv)
cake cake = pancake, a daily request in our house
kack kack = back pack (Lord love it, she actually carries her own diaper bag now since it's in her favorite back pack!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Back... (cue the scary music)

Well it's been ages! It has been quite a summer and I am moderately excited to get back to work and "normal" life.

This summer we traveled to Alaska for Adam's family reunion. Then after a mere 3 days at home, we drove from Chicago to the southern coast of South Carolina for my family reunion. For you travelers, Seabrook Island was nice, but I wouldn't really recommend it. It only qualified as "fine". Besides all that, there were grad school classes, a moderately successful garage sale, and lots of pregnancy progress.

I am now 31 weeks pregnant. 9ish weeks to go and I wish I had the time to freak out, I would really like to! Baby Grant is growing fine they tell me, I'm maintaining a moderately small bump and actually have only gained 4lbs this pregnancy. Dr's are not worried as I was heavier than ideal to start with. I guess this makes up for my last pregnancy when I gained just shy of 50lbs!

We are back to work out here in the 'burbs. Teacher institutes start Friday and our students have their first day Thurs after that. Why do you care?

I'm back on a reliable, fast computer and will hopefully be blogging MUCH more often.
Be worried... I envision lots of blogging about Brianna's struggles with daycare, her big girl bed, and potty training. Or perhaps you would prefer pregnant woman gripes? I will try and mix it up for you!