Friday, September 16, 2005

4 or 5 more weeks

I planned a really good post this morning during my drive to work.

I can't remember what it was... I thought it would come back to me as I stared at the screen.... no such luck.

This is what they call Pregnancy Brain! Anything I don't do IMMEDIATELY must be written on a neon post it note and stapled to my head or hand or something. It's really gone.

I know it had to do with Brianna... and Grant... and I had some really cute quips planned.

Oh well, I guess I'll actually have to grade papers instead.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I made it

I made it to Target and back but they had no short sleeved maternity tops so I had to buy an ugly, too big, men's t-shirt.

My professional attire looks like crap now!

I am a horrible blogger

I guess this is the reason why I never kept a journal or diary. I do not do well with making time to write daily.

I am thinking of changing the premise of this blog, or scrapping this one and starting a new one. I think I would like to blog about my children (child, soon to be plural). I don't really think that would be more interesting for the web world but I would like my children to be able to read it someday and know what they were like as little people.

Anyone who knows me knows that my long term memory is HORRIBLE. I can't remember details from most of my childhood. I remember general feelings or big events but the little things, the fun things, are lost forever.

It terrifies me that my children will someday ask me about their childhoods and I won't remember.

I am pondering this especially today. Our AC is out at work, which I was not prepared for, so I am sitting here sweating like an aerobics class, except I am wearing a long sleeved blouse and long pants! Grant seems to like it though, he is kicking up a storm. Consequently, I am walking around holding my belly more than usual and people keep asking me if I am ok.

I am actually going to Target during lunch to buy a t-shirt and maybe some lightweight capri's. Do I need more summer weight clothes in Mid- Sept. with only 4-5 weeks left in this pregnancy, HELL NO! but I'm never going to survive the second half of the day if I don't!

Wish me luck getting back on time!