Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Could someone please tell me which pile my brain is under?

I really shouldn't be posting this!

I really don't have time to waste posting and reading blogs. I should be working. The piles of work to be done are near to breaking my desk. And the "TO DO" lists are starting to cc: other "TO DO" lists about how little is actually getting done.

I have been up until 11 or 12 every night this week. (Shut up, don't tell me it's only Wednesday and that it shouldn't count as a week yet.) And the littlest love of my life has been wide awake and ready to go around 5 every morning. This is one very precious half hour earlier than I want to get up.

I have new pictures.... no time to download... maybe by Friday.
I have funny stories.... no time to remember details, oh well.

Kids, I'm sorry Mommy is a raving lunatic who doesn't remember what you were like as babies and didn't keep up with your baby books. I still love you!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just because

Photos for fun!

Speak into my good ear!

Brianna is getting much more verbal. She constantly amazes us with the thoughts she can express, often in a pretty good imitation of a complete sentence. She especially likes to talk on car rides...

She tells us her feelings, talks about school yesterday (or weeks ago), narrates what she's seeing outside, tells us what Grant is doing, etc. Sometimes she talks loudly and clearly and I can even have a conversation with her. This morning we talked about how birds have wings and they fly up in the sky and how Brianna and Mommy and Daddy and Grant have hands not wings and that we can't fly up in the sky.

Sometimes Bri seems to be talking to no one. I'm not sure if this is the beginning of an imaginary friend or if she just thinks better out loud. Our only problem is when she is talking in her low, sort of to herself mode, and then expects a response! From the front of the car what I heard was, "Sheila huystsoighakndoidfs friends sfoifsdfkmdlfkio no like oaidflanmlkfnoi banana dlskfjoasdifjalsdkf John. Right Mommy?"

And I brightly say, "That's right honey!"
It must be! Brianna said so!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Once again, my sister is better about posting pictures of my kids than I am! Oh well!

Go to her site and enjoy!

I forgot the camera

Today I had planned on posting some adorable pictures of my kids in their coordinating Easter outfits... but I forgot the camera! In all the hullabaloo of getting bottles and diapers and such and trying to get out the door somewhat close to on time... It didn't even occur to me!

I am hoping that Jamie will e-mail me some pics, or maybe my mom (but that would be quite a technological feat for her!)

I am planning on getting the kids pictures taken this weekend so I will take a photo then and pretend that I remember to do it on Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drama Queen

Last night, Brianna got out of bed and came downstairs after she was supposed to be sleeping. I heard her coming down the stairs but Adam was outside and I was feeding Grant so didn't turn to her right away. The moment I turned to see her (standing just low enough to be in sight, about half way down the stairs), her face went from passively watching me to gut wrenching sobs in about one second. During second number two, the waterworks started. By the time she made it to the bottom of the stairs she was hysterically sobbing complete with runny nose.

Because I couldn't stop feeding Grant to take her right back upstairs, we waited for Adam to come in. During that 3 minutes or so, she cuddled next to me on the couch and scaled back to whimpering with random tears. And then she broke my heart...

As Adam came back in I told her it was time to go back to bed and go "night night". The sobbing came back and she paused just long enough to look in my eyes and say, "But I need you mommy."

What do you say to your not quite 3 year old an hour after bedtime when all they claim to want is more time with you?

Me, I send her upstairs with her father and shed a few tears of love.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

I can do pictures!!!!!!

Grant is wearing a funny hat!

And this is Brianna at Chuck-E- Cheese!

Remember back in January when I went to Chucky's house (that's what Bri calls it) and I said I would post pictures!

Oh My God!!! Thank you Blogger

I'll post better pictures soon, that's all I had handy!

Cute things

I was trying to find a particular story to post today and can't really think of just one thing. There are so many cute things that Brianna does on a daily basis that I haven't really talked about yet. (Grant still doesn't do much, although his laugh is really cute.)

- When Bri hears an interesting noise she puts her hand up to her cheek and says "I hear somtin."

-When you give Bri 2 options that she doesn't like (Do you want to put your PJ's on or sleep in your clothes?) she says "Nothin". As if by denying both choices, she will be allowed to do whatever she wants.

- She LOVES school busses and trains. Everyday on our way to and from school we have to watch for them.

- She sings along with her favorite songs. She substitutes a nice ah ah ah sound when the words are too fast or hard for her.

- She HATES when Adam and I try and sing to her songs. She gets very mad at us and yells "No Mommy!"

- When we won't let her do what she wants she pouts and stalks off to a corner to sit. She tells us "I'm not happy with you." or "I mad at you."

- She hugs her brother a LOT and when I remind her to be gentle, she looks at me and with a completely grown-up tone tells me "I AM being careful."

- She likes to eat apples the way an adult would, whole, taking the cutest little bites out of the skin.

This morning Adam drove the kids to school and while I liked being on time for a change; I was sad that there was no one to point out the "Choo Choo" to or to sing silly songs for me.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thou dost protest to much

Today we took the kids to the mall for lunch and a little spring clothes shopping. We also do this on a fairly regular basis to tire the kids out when it's not nice enough outside on a weekend. (People, the mall is huge! We could walk and shop for hours!)

Grant was in total overstimulation mode. If you've never seen a baby overstimulated, think of a dog the first 2 minutes at a dog park. Must see everything, must touch/taste/feel/smell everything. Will freak if not allowed to do everything. SO he started freaking out after an hour or so, too much to handle at 5 1/2 months old I guess! We weren't even in the car 2 minutes and he was sleeping like a rock.

Brianna on the other hand... Chatty Cathy was narrating the ride home for us. We heard about Grant sleeping, we heard about the red or green lights, we heard about the other cars, we heard about the trees... suddenly we hear the same phrase over and over... "Mommy, I'm not tired". (Which actually sounded more like, Mummy, I not tie-werd.) I said what I always say, "That's OK." She continued to try and convince us for the next minute or two. (Try saying the same four words over and over for a full minute, it's very annoying.) And then... Silence. Eyes closed, commence quiet snoring!

We repeated a version of this when I lifted her out of the car to take her to bed at home. (I lift her up) Mommy, I not tired. (I settle her head on my shoulder.) Mommy, I not tired. (Her voice is fading slowly as I carry her up the stairs.) Mommy, I not...zzzzzzzz.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm still here

It's been a while...

We had a lovely spring break, sort of. Grant's teachers thought he was sick so I had to keep him home the Friday before break, a hectic way to leave work but he never did get sick so that was good. I on the other hand developed some freakish cold that was a little different everyday. Monday- 103 degree fever; Tuesday- serious congestion; Wednesday- The sore throat; Friday- the coughing. Only the coughing continued and is just now winding down over a week later!

On the plus side, we bought a new car! We decided that Adam's 2 door cavalier with no air conditioning was just not going to cut it anymore. (Forget the fact that it needed a couple hundred dollars worth of work!) After much debate and a dozen almost decisions, we bought a 2006 Toyota Camry. We got a great deal because they already had some 2007 models on the lot (What the F is up with that?).

In order to accomplish this monumental feat of decision making, we sent Brianna to school 3 of the 5 days. Yes, we were home relaxing and could have been spending quality time with her but sent her to school anyway. Trust me, it was better for all of us. I am dreading summer! She is so bored at home and the kids in the neighborhood just aren't quite the right age for playing. BESIDES the fact that when a 2 1/2 year old is nearby, no one relaxes!

So now all that fun is over. I am back at work counting down the days to summer and debating some serious internal job moves. I'm a little stressed, maybe more later on that...

I have a favorite picture I keep next to my desk... It is a toddler with his/her head resting on the wall with eyes shut. The caption says "Any idiot can face a crisis- it's this day-to-day living that wears you out." (Anton Chekhov)