Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thou dost protest to much

Today we took the kids to the mall for lunch and a little spring clothes shopping. We also do this on a fairly regular basis to tire the kids out when it's not nice enough outside on a weekend. (People, the mall is huge! We could walk and shop for hours!)

Grant was in total overstimulation mode. If you've never seen a baby overstimulated, think of a dog the first 2 minutes at a dog park. Must see everything, must touch/taste/feel/smell everything. Will freak if not allowed to do everything. SO he started freaking out after an hour or so, too much to handle at 5 1/2 months old I guess! We weren't even in the car 2 minutes and he was sleeping like a rock.

Brianna on the other hand... Chatty Cathy was narrating the ride home for us. We heard about Grant sleeping, we heard about the red or green lights, we heard about the other cars, we heard about the trees... suddenly we hear the same phrase over and over... "Mommy, I'm not tired". (Which actually sounded more like, Mummy, I not tie-werd.) I said what I always say, "That's OK." She continued to try and convince us for the next minute or two. (Try saying the same four words over and over for a full minute, it's very annoying.) And then... Silence. Eyes closed, commence quiet snoring!

We repeated a version of this when I lifted her out of the car to take her to bed at home. (I lift her up) Mommy, I not tired. (I settle her head on my shoulder.) Mommy, I not tired. (Her voice is fading slowly as I carry her up the stairs.) Mommy, I not...zzzzzzzz.

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