Thursday, April 20, 2006

Speak into my good ear!

Brianna is getting much more verbal. She constantly amazes us with the thoughts she can express, often in a pretty good imitation of a complete sentence. She especially likes to talk on car rides...

She tells us her feelings, talks about school yesterday (or weeks ago), narrates what she's seeing outside, tells us what Grant is doing, etc. Sometimes she talks loudly and clearly and I can even have a conversation with her. This morning we talked about how birds have wings and they fly up in the sky and how Brianna and Mommy and Daddy and Grant have hands not wings and that we can't fly up in the sky.

Sometimes Bri seems to be talking to no one. I'm not sure if this is the beginning of an imaginary friend or if she just thinks better out loud. Our only problem is when she is talking in her low, sort of to herself mode, and then expects a response! From the front of the car what I heard was, "Sheila huystsoighakndoidfs friends sfoifsdfkmdlfkio no like oaidflanmlkfnoi banana dlskfjoasdifjalsdkf John. Right Mommy?"

And I brightly say, "That's right honey!"
It must be! Brianna said so!


momof2blondegirls said...

Is that the same cabbage patch we got her when Grant was born or a new one. I love the chairs. CUTE!

I love toddler conversations and their memories are awesome. I just wish I could remember so well from the past!

Jo said...

Amen Sista! and Yes, she loves it!