Monday, April 10, 2006

Cute things

I was trying to find a particular story to post today and can't really think of just one thing. There are so many cute things that Brianna does on a daily basis that I haven't really talked about yet. (Grant still doesn't do much, although his laugh is really cute.)

- When Bri hears an interesting noise she puts her hand up to her cheek and says "I hear somtin."

-When you give Bri 2 options that she doesn't like (Do you want to put your PJ's on or sleep in your clothes?) she says "Nothin". As if by denying both choices, she will be allowed to do whatever she wants.

- She LOVES school busses and trains. Everyday on our way to and from school we have to watch for them.

- She sings along with her favorite songs. She substitutes a nice ah ah ah sound when the words are too fast or hard for her.

- She HATES when Adam and I try and sing to her songs. She gets very mad at us and yells "No Mommy!"

- When we won't let her do what she wants she pouts and stalks off to a corner to sit. She tells us "I'm not happy with you." or "I mad at you."

- She hugs her brother a LOT and when I remind her to be gentle, she looks at me and with a completely grown-up tone tells me "I AM being careful."

- She likes to eat apples the way an adult would, whole, taking the cutest little bites out of the skin.

This morning Adam drove the kids to school and while I liked being on time for a change; I was sad that there was no one to point out the "Choo Choo" to or to sing silly songs for me.

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