Thursday, March 26, 2009

And we're off!

We are 90-95% packed! In the morning after we get ready for school we will add all the daily necessities... make-up, shampoo, blankies... and we will be all set.

Adam and I get off work at around 1:30 on Friday.
We will rush home, pack car. Triple check house.
Pick up kids at school between 2 and 2:30.
Drive 90 minutes to Rockford.
Wait in Dinky airport with nothing for kids to do but has free parking for mom and dad.

At 5:35 CST we will be in the air, Orlando bound!

What made me decide to do this all in one day?
1. I am insane and not at all realistic sometimes.
2. It saved us over $60 per person to fly on Friday vs. Saturday.
3. Who wants to wait for vacation?

See you later alligator!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(singing off key)

Memories.... light the corners of my mind.... misty, watercolor memories... of the way, we were....

Today at lunch, we somehow started talking about proposals. One of my co-workers had this amazing proposal, something any girl would love! Her husband was waiting for her in her classroom when she arrived one Friday morning (she's a teacher). He said, you have a substitute on the way, write up your plans and lets go! They spent a romantic day, and night, at the beach and a nice hotel where they got engaged. The next night, they were supposed to have dinner with friends but he had another surprise-- an engagement party for all their family and friends.

What a great proposal!!!!!

And then in my wanderings today, I clicked upon this. I hope that woman loved her proposal too!

So I started thinking about my own proposal- the only one I ever plan on getting- and how I ruined it for myself!....

Adam and I designed my ring. I really loved this process and sure it took some of the surprise out but, I picked my own ring and love it as much today as I did over 10 years ago! WELL... on the day the ring was set to be finished, Adam was supposed to pick me up and we were going to go get the ring together. But when he arrived at my house, he told me he'd forgotten his checkbook at home, 45 MINUTES AWAY! I thought we would have to drive all the way to his house and then back again before getting my ring! SO- I started looking around his car for the checkbook. Adam is a notorious joker and I was sure he had the checkbook but wanted to joke around for some reason. I checked under the seat, I checked the glove compartment, I was turning around to check the backseat when he stopped me. He reached in the center console (which I had forgotten he had and I never would have checked there) and he pulled out a little white jewelery box. Right there, at the stop light at Book Road and Route 75, we got engaged. In his car. And we went to Subway for lunch afterward (also the site of our first date so slightly more romantic than it sounds).

Who knows what his proposal would have been, could have been, should have been.
But I still have a good story to tell!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I totally have work I should be doing....
  • grading
  • planning
  • cleaning
I don't want to!

I've been sitting here reading back through old posts on this blog and thinking about all the things I'd forgotten. I mean, I remember the basics but when I go back and read the details... Shew! Especially Grant's first year! And I think about this little baby I'm growing and what it's first year might be like and WHY did I actively fight to have another one?

Then I think about my kids now... and how Grant tells me he loves me at least 10 times per day. And how Brianna is learning to read and wants to know everything about everything. They are so amazing, and wonderful, and loving, and perfect. And how can I not want more of that?

Monday, March 23, 2009

I like to take silly quizes!

This is what I do when I'm supposed to be working!
Your IQ Is 115

Your Logical Intelligence is Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

You Are Apple Juice

You're very likable and quite popular. It's hard not to find something to love about you.

You are playful and fun. You try to bring levity to situations.

While you are entertaining, you're not very hyper or mischievous.

You are laid back, low key, and even a bit sensitive.

Things I am happy about...

  • I wasn't queasy or nauseous this morning.
  • Grant and I are both feeling better and back at work/school.
  • 4 more wake-ups till Florida!
  • Brianna seems to have missed the flu boat even though we keep forgetting to give her the medicine the Dr gave us to prevent the flu.
  • Adam seems to have missed the flu boat too.
  • I'm not superstitious.
  • One week from today I will be getting on a cruise ship with my hubby.
  • I bought ice cream and chocolate syrup... yum...
  • The project I LOATHE at work will be done tomorrow at 8:00pm!!!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Time goes by so fast...

Last week I had the flu. I missed 3 1/2 days of work, slept 16-18 hours a day, and had no appetite.
This week, Grant has the flu. He's missed 3 days of school, lays around all day, and has no appetite.

It's one thing to be the sick one. I can force myself to eat for the baby's sake. I can make myself sleep. No one misses me at work and quite frankly, I enjoyed the break.

I HATE that my little guy is sick. I HATE that my independent 3 year old has been reduced to wanting to be held and carried everywhere he goes and asking for help with simple tasks. I HATE that he doesn't understand why he can't go play with his friends and color and draw and have fun all day. If I could take his sick away and put it on myself again I would do it in a heartbeat.

I LOVE my parents. They are both retired and my mom stayed home with Grant on Monday. Both my parents are there today so he can stay home and I don't have to miss any more work. They are the most amazing people. Someday I hope I can do that for my grandchildren!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Grief!

1. We had a girls name all settled and now Adam isn't sure anymore. He wants a name that's foolproof to pronounce, but doesn't like/want any "classic" names. BABE- You can't have your cake and eat it too!

2. I have PILES of work that need to get graded and another pile is coming tomorrow. Can I make myself work... No. I sit during all my work time and look for cute cruise wear on e-bay or read silly blogs. I will be super frustrated soon and melt down but still, no working today.

3. Had a lovely weekend staying home, out of the rain, and reading a good book. Now I'm just an hour or so from the end and all I want to do is read it. I stayed up way to late last night reading and made myself sick this morning.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sick of being Sick!

(My apologies if I've already used that title somewhere.)

I am 15, almost 16 weeks pregnant. That is 2-3 weeks into my second trimester; almost 4 months pregnant! I should NOT be sick anymore!

When the "morning"sickness started in late Dec. I was about 6 weeks. At that time, it was actually reassuring to be feeling sick. It meant that all the hormones were working and that little bub was growing! Throughout Jan. I was nauseous all day, everyday. By February, I got through it by chanting the number of days left till the end of my first trimester. When 13 weeks rolled around (last week of Trimester 1), I was overjoyed to feel the nausea lessening. I thought it would only be a matter of days till it was gone all together!

Here I am 14 days later, and I am still sick every morning and most evenings. I even have the joy of random puking! I am no longer reassured or willing to "grin and bear it"!

In related news, that might mean it's a boy. I was far more sick with Grant than I was with Brianna. It would figure... we had a boys name all picked out but now we aren't sure. We ARE sure about a girls name- we're just not sharing yet.