Thursday, January 31, 2008

Really and Truly, CRAZY- updated 2x

ORIGIONAL POST: 10:00am....
Soooooooo, Tuesday we put in a bid on a house! A beautiful home in a nice neighborhood with a park in easy walking distance and short drives to all the schools. We are in love with this house... a couple problems though....


2. The realtor representing the new house is dicking around with us. (Was supposed to have a respond to us last night and then claimed she didn't get the offer until 5:30 so we'd have to wait until tonight... we know they got it by 11am because it was time stamped! UGH)

3. Our own realtor is out of town and we are working with an associate of hers who just doesn't "get us".

4. I am PSYCHO about the whole thing and can't manage to get ANYTHING done at work or at home while waiting for a response.

I have SO much work to do today and just can NOT focus. I check my e-mail every 30 seconds and one ear is permanently applied to listening for faint cell phone ring from my purse. I will refrain from telling you more because I really can't focus on this and it has taken me 15 minutes to type this quick little post!

UPDATE 11:20 am... We got a counter offer! Thrilled but can't talk to realtor until next teaching break at 12:15... will update again!

UPDATE 1:15 pm... Decent counter offer, nothing too out of the ordinary except that as a home-sale contingency (meaning we have to sell our house by a certain date) they can make requirements for our current home... AND, they want us to drop our price by at least $10,000. Not sure about that part, lots of thinking to do....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks Jamie!


30% Geek

I couldn't get the other one to work.... Maybe I am not geeky enough!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The real me

I am considering getting a tattoo.

Several people whom I've told this too asked me if I'd been invaded by aliens or pod-people or something. Why is this so unbelievable?

Seriously, I am a fun person, I like spontaneous things, I have a sense of adventure!
I don't know why no one believes me but I DO!

I am thinking of a little solar system, planet, moon, stars kind of thing...
Or a heart/wings kind of thing...
Either way, It will have the initials A, B, G worked into it for Adam, Brianna, and Grant.
And I will leave room to add more initials but I'm 90% sure that is not going to happen.

I also know where... lower back/upper tush region. High enough that I could potentially show it if I choose too, low enough not to hurt too much. (I hear it hurts less on fleshy/fatty areas)

I think the strangest thing about all this is that it was my mom's idea. My over-60, church going, wait-until-your-married, not too many piercings please mom. My mom whom is lovingly and accurately described as "Sally Field" by my sister.

Adam is good with it, he'll even get one too.
Jamie is considering it.

An Interesting proposition to be sure!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Frustration of the day is...

I joined a gym, a nice gym, a Health Club even! Adam and I are very proud of ourselves and have been going often (for the first 2 weeks). Said nice health club comes with exorbitant start up fee but said fee comes with "free" fitness testing including blood work, a cardio-stress test, 2 "free" personal training sessions, fitness counseling, a nutrition consultation, and some other cool stuff.

HOWEVER, they can't fit me in for this wonderful "free" testing for at least 4 weeks! People, why do I want my start up testing 6 weeks into my working out?!?! Why didn't they have more staff available if they have all these January Joiners? OR- Have the testing on a frickin' weekend already! I do work for a living and can't take off whenever the frick I feel like it!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I want it bad...

First, a quick Hello to all the pervy Internet people... now go away, it's not about THAT.

I want to have a 3rd child. I want a third little person to love and grow and nurture. I want to watch another little person look more like Adam than me, and be deliriously happy.

I know that I should feel more than thrilled with the 2 beautiful children who already bless my life everyday. I know that a 3rd child is more work and more money and more headaches. All I can say to that is, bring it on! I was nauseous for months before, I can handle it again. Wake up for 6 months every night, multiple times, I can't think of anything I'd love more!

My loving husband thinks I am more nutso than a tree full of squirrels. He is SO DONE.
Before you even go there, I would never, n.e.v.e.r, knowingly try for a baby with out his knowledge and agreement. I need his full agreement, full patience, full happiness, full support. That being said, I still want one so badly I hurt a little.

I hurt to think that no other little person will get to be a sibling to the wonderful, beautiful, happy children we already have. I hurt to think that I will never feel those little kicks in the mornings, or watch my belly roll from side to side like a roller coaster, or again know what it's like to first hold that tiny little person who is part you and part the man you love more than anything.

I could go on and on, but I can't go on.
Lets keep this little emotional breakdown to ourselves okay?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Brianna is a beautiful,

fearless (except for dogs),





Grant likes to play "hi-seek mama"
This means we spend much of our day seeking to find where he is hiding.
It's usually in the pantry!

Grant is a stinker and he knows it!

Hi-seek mama also has some fun perks.
(I swear people, this was his choice of a seat, not mine! Leave DCFS out of it, I have many witnesses!)

So many things to say

For once, I have a little free time today AND have enough brain cells to think and type! So much has been going on with our lives and I have had so little time or energy to talk about it.

1. Our home is on the market! YES, I know it's the worst possible time to sell a house, thank you for telling me the obvious. I could have proved that to you by the fact that in nearly 90 days on the market we have had exactly NO SHOWINGS! That's right, 3 months on the market, with a professional realtor, and we have had no one come see our home. YES- we have had open houses, those people weren't serious lookers, they were mostly our curious neighbors. YES- we have lowered our price, TWICE. We are trying to stay positive and look at this as a marathon. It's okay to start off a little slow as long as we finish the race within the time we'd hoped.

2. I've over committed myself at work, but that's not really new, just different on any given day. This year it's the program review committee, the internal community committee, the school improvement planning committee, team leader, flag coach, and 6th grade committee co-chair. Not to mention teaching my 100 or so kids and planning for them and grading all the work they do. Some people have said to my face that I need to slow down. They are mostly my co-workers who just complain about problems and then don't offer to help find solutions. I see myself as a go-getter who wants to be part of the solution. And the fact is, none of it will hurt when my resume looks fabulous in 2 years and I want an administrative position!

3. Oh yeah, did I mention I have two WONDERFUL children who are so amazing it's earth-shattering? The kids are growing so fast.
Brianna is curious about absolutely everything and does nothing but ask questions. I hate to stunt her curiosity, but I might muzzle her! :-) On the plus side she is learning so much and constantly astounds me with the things she picks up. Good and Bad things!
Grant has really found his voice too. Literally. He talks all the time. Sometimes to himself, sometimes to us, sometimes to the toys and TV. He can talk in short phrases and 3-4 word sentences now, it's amazing to hear him form questions and thoughts and actually understand what is going on inside that cute little head of his. On the other hand, I will be trying to find out if muzzles come in his size too. He actually figured out recently that "okay honey" is not the correct answer to whatever it is he's trying to tell me... Now he repeats his phrase over and over and over and over and over and over until I repeat back the right words and respond properly to the comment. Some favorites:

da da dat date mommy?--- Translation: Are we there yet mommy?
sis dack ot ide mommy.--- Translation: It's dark outside mommy.
ca bankie binkie ie ead mommy. Translation: Car blankie and binky are in bed mommy.

(Notice how they all end in mommy... you would think daddy was just a prop or a toy. He apparently is not to be asked questions of, even when he's in the same room or car!!!!!)

WELL- I guess I should go teach class now. Maybe I'll be back later with pictures...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thanks for the idea Jamie!

You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!