Thursday, January 31, 2008

Really and Truly, CRAZY- updated 2x

ORIGIONAL POST: 10:00am....
Soooooooo, Tuesday we put in a bid on a house! A beautiful home in a nice neighborhood with a park in easy walking distance and short drives to all the schools. We are in love with this house... a couple problems though....


2. The realtor representing the new house is dicking around with us. (Was supposed to have a respond to us last night and then claimed she didn't get the offer until 5:30 so we'd have to wait until tonight... we know they got it by 11am because it was time stamped! UGH)

3. Our own realtor is out of town and we are working with an associate of hers who just doesn't "get us".

4. I am PSYCHO about the whole thing and can't manage to get ANYTHING done at work or at home while waiting for a response.

I have SO much work to do today and just can NOT focus. I check my e-mail every 30 seconds and one ear is permanently applied to listening for faint cell phone ring from my purse. I will refrain from telling you more because I really can't focus on this and it has taken me 15 minutes to type this quick little post!

UPDATE 11:20 am... We got a counter offer! Thrilled but can't talk to realtor until next teaching break at 12:15... will update again!

UPDATE 1:15 pm... Decent counter offer, nothing too out of the ordinary except that as a home-sale contingency (meaning we have to sell our house by a certain date) they can make requirements for our current home... AND, they want us to drop our price by at least $10,000. Not sure about that part, lots of thinking to do....

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sarah said...

OH MY! You are brave! Where is the house? Are you moving because of Bri going to school soon and this is a better district? Good luck! Can't wait to hear what they said! If they are smart, they will take your offer with the market the way it is. Rates just dropped too! Great news for you!