Thursday, January 24, 2008

The real me

I am considering getting a tattoo.

Several people whom I've told this too asked me if I'd been invaded by aliens or pod-people or something. Why is this so unbelievable?

Seriously, I am a fun person, I like spontaneous things, I have a sense of adventure!
I don't know why no one believes me but I DO!

I am thinking of a little solar system, planet, moon, stars kind of thing...
Or a heart/wings kind of thing...
Either way, It will have the initials A, B, G worked into it for Adam, Brianna, and Grant.
And I will leave room to add more initials but I'm 90% sure that is not going to happen.

I also know where... lower back/upper tush region. High enough that I could potentially show it if I choose too, low enough not to hurt too much. (I hear it hurts less on fleshy/fatty areas)

I think the strangest thing about all this is that it was my mom's idea. My over-60, church going, wait-until-your-married, not too many piercings please mom. My mom whom is lovingly and accurately described as "Sally Field" by my sister.

Adam is good with it, he'll even get one too.
Jamie is considering it.

An Interesting proposition to be sure!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

that is crazy because last night i had a dream that you got b&g on your lower back, with wings behind it. !!!