Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Frustration of the day is...

I joined a gym, a nice gym, a Health Club even! Adam and I are very proud of ourselves and have been going often (for the first 2 weeks). Said nice health club comes with exorbitant start up fee but said fee comes with "free" fitness testing including blood work, a cardio-stress test, 2 "free" personal training sessions, fitness counseling, a nutrition consultation, and some other cool stuff.

HOWEVER, they can't fit me in for this wonderful "free" testing for at least 4 weeks! People, why do I want my start up testing 6 weeks into my working out?!?! Why didn't they have more staff available if they have all these January Joiners? OR- Have the testing on a frickin' weekend already! I do work for a living and can't take off whenever the frick I feel like it!


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Sarah said...

Keep it up Joey! I am a stay at home mom and our "health club" the good 'ol YMCA doesn't offer lap swim during a time I can come. It is either at 5am in the morning (um, no, I have a children to deal with all day and a 5am wake up call is not in the daily plan) or from 12p-1pm with NO babysitting available. Go figure! It is too bad that I am looking forward to Kindergarten so I can go to the Y! Keep up the workouts though. Your test numbers will be outstanding when they do FIT you in! :-)