Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Outta Here!

Nothing really new....

Adam and I had the babysitter come back last night and went to dinner and a movie as a couple!
Dinner was good... Movie was great (Pirates 3 anyone?) except that a REALLY annoying former student sat right in front of me with his detestable dad who thinks I suck. Sounds like a good combo for date night huh? I of course turned my back and rummaged in my purse as the lights came on and Adam told me when they were gone. I don't think they really noticed me since it was already dark when they entered... I HOPE they didn't notice me anyway... no one burst my bubble OK?

Today, a lot of laundry and packing. We are heading off tomorrow for a week in Tennessee with my parents, sister, and her boyfriend. My parents rented a house on a lake near Knoxville. The kids will be thrilled. I will be mostly thrilled... I'm hoping to gain a little alone time from all the live-in, free, babysitters next week! I only dread the 9 hour drive with the kids.... well, 9 hours driving + multiple potty/movement/food stops + lose an hour in the time change. We hope to make it to the house by around 6 EST if we leave our house around 5 CST!

I might have Internet access there, but I don't plan on updating my blog! SO THERE! But seriously... one of my 3 readers will be with me and the rest of you will just have to wait.
Luv ya anyway and Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And then the angels sang!

People, I hired a babysitter! Well, actually 2 because they are sisters and both were available and I didn't want to pick between them.

This morning, I called the nice neighbor girls and asked them to come by this afternoon. Currently, they are at my house with my kids. I am at the library ALONE! (Yes, I could be doing this from home with the kids but I had to do some computer stuff that my new computer at home is not yet set up for and/or to dang slow!)

Faithful readers (Hello to the 3 of you!) will know that Adam is not working this summer and will wonder why he's not with the kids while I get things done... He's golfing... with his dad. Which he sprung on me in the middle of Brianna's birthday party last weekend so of course I couldn't say no. Despite the fact that we have 900 things to do before this coming weekend and one car is in the shop!

Brianna was so excited to have new people to play with that she didn't shut up the whole 15 minutes I was giving the girls the important info. She has already planned that they will play in her castle after lunch, and then dress up, and then read some books. Yes, I could have done that with her to, but, I don't. Because she is annoying!

Don't start throwing things at me yet! You did not misunderstand, I said that my 4 year old daughter was annoying. And it's true. But she's only annoying to me. She is in that phase where she tests every single boundary I have, and does it in the most obvious, look-at-me-while-I-break-every-rule-you-crazy-mommy kind of way. To the average outsider or family member, she is sweet as pie and cute as a bunny. To me, she is 4 going on 15! Moms out there... you understand right?

Anyway, I think I will hire a babysitter more often!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where does the time, and my brain, go?

If a few mere hours, my baby will be 4 years old. No longer a baby I guess, not even a toddler. She is a child, a little girl with a mind and opinions of her own.

Some days I am amazed by the clarity of thought with which she can tell a story, or remember some event that I'd never have thought important, or with how much love and caring she can show to us and especially to her little brother. And then, not a full 5 minutes later, I am amazed at the teenage attitude and stubborn streak that never fail to have me gritting my teeth and saying things like; "Because I said so" or the all time favorite "Just Because!"

Tonight after an especially trying trip to K-mart, I decided that I needed a quiet moment with her. I didn't want either of us to start her birthday in the morning by being irritated with each other. We pulled out her baby book. We looked at pictures and I told her some of my favorite little stories from when she was a newborn. We compared her foot now, to the little footprint the hospital made for us the day she was born. We measured how tall she was now, and then I showed her how big she was when she was born. I was a little choked up and surprised to find that I had forgotten some of the details of her birth... when did I start feeling pains, when did we get to the hospital, what exact time was she born. Those are crucial statistics and I already need a book to remind me after 4 short years.

She was only interested in turning the pages by herself and getting the tape measure off the counter. BY HERSELF, NO, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO HELP! She didn't care that I couldn't remember that she was born at 9:58am. She only wanted to stay up 5 more minutes and practice sticking out her tongue like her 3 month picture.

I miss my baby, I'm a little unsure about this little girl, but I can't wait to see my daughter grow more each year. Happy Birthday Brianna, I love you!

Friday, June 08, 2007


1. Computer Hard Drive was FRIED and we couldn't even use the little magic disk so....
2. Bought new computer! Nice HP notebook however....
3. Am waiting for Best Buy to set it up and then....
4. Will have to wait for new AOL CD or decide on new Internet server then...
5. Will have to upload/set-up etc.

We will still be limited by stubborn husband and his refusal to upgrade to ANYTHING but dial-up Internet. However, we will be back on-line and our marriage may be saved! (In the case that I don't get around to a post about that, let me just say, I didn't realize how much personal time I got when Adam was on the Internet instead of making me work!)

I may be back sooner than I thought! But don't hold your breath, because, this is me, I never posted all that much to start with!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Farewell, for now!

Well, this is good bye for now!

School is over for summer! I will be enjoying days at home with the kids and Adam... or I will be trying to endure spending the next 80 or so days (24 hours a day) with my husband and children... it depends on you point of view...

And in a further note... I think we may have killed our home computer! We haven't had reliable Internet access there for some time and now every time we turn on the computer, we can't even get to a workable screen. We get a message that basically says... you fried your system Jerk! (or something like that...)

Adam spent the better part of 4 hours on the phone with the helpful Utah Dell boys on Sunday and they have mailed us a magic disk that will erase everything we've ever done to the computer in last ditch hopes that this will save the thing! They say our operating system is corrupt or some other lofty computer jargon like that. I picture the computer laying on the operating table, with some doctor massaging it's heart and asking for everyone to clear!

On the upside, if it dies, we will be saving up all summer and looking for deals on a new computer. Yeah! (said dripping with sarcasm and a slight frown over all the dinners out she will sacrifice to pay for said computer)

On the real upside, I am hoping to convince Adam to take this opportunity to upgrade to wireless cable Internet and a laptop! Wish me luck!

SO- Enough said... I will try and get back to you all from the library or my in-laws...
and have a great summer!