Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Farewell, for now!

Well, this is good bye for now!

School is over for summer! I will be enjoying days at home with the kids and Adam... or I will be trying to endure spending the next 80 or so days (24 hours a day) with my husband and children... it depends on you point of view...

And in a further note... I think we may have killed our home computer! We haven't had reliable Internet access there for some time and now every time we turn on the computer, we can't even get to a workable screen. We get a message that basically says... you fried your system Jerk! (or something like that...)

Adam spent the better part of 4 hours on the phone with the helpful Utah Dell boys on Sunday and they have mailed us a magic disk that will erase everything we've ever done to the computer in last ditch hopes that this will save the thing! They say our operating system is corrupt or some other lofty computer jargon like that. I picture the computer laying on the operating table, with some doctor massaging it's heart and asking for everyone to clear!

On the upside, if it dies, we will be saving up all summer and looking for deals on a new computer. Yeah! (said dripping with sarcasm and a slight frown over all the dinners out she will sacrifice to pay for said computer)

On the real upside, I am hoping to convince Adam to take this opportunity to upgrade to wireless cable Internet and a laptop! Wish me luck!

SO- Enough said... I will try and get back to you all from the library or my in-laws...
and have a great summer!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your summer...

I wish I was so busy I couldn't find time for blogging!!!

hee hee...

See you in September!