Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Angel

Brianna is my Angel.

I am at work today and was putting off actually doing something by looking at a new picture of her. She is off with her grandma today visiting great-grandma. The best thing about sending her off with my mom is that she goes happily. I am actually anticipating that Bri will cry when grandma leaves this afternoon.

For the good of nothing in particular, here are some funny things Bri says:
(remember she's only 2!)

foo fies = French Fries
oh tah = Oh Kay!
Hi Elmo (well, actually she says hi to all her favorite characters when they show up on tv)
cake cake = pancake, a daily request in our house
kack kack = back pack (Lord love it, she actually carries her own diaper bag now since it's in her favorite back pack!)


Jamie said...

oh Lord, how that girl loves her some foo fyes. more than i do, if that's possible.

Jen said...

Ok, saying hi to the tv characters is soooo cute...