Monday, April 16, 2007

more about me

I know, I have been just awful about posting for MONTHS now! I can only say that work has been forced to take precedence. I am very proud of all the work I did in this time but miss my slow lazy days when I had time to update and read blogs.

Well, that time is here again and it's better than ever! I have a student teacher working with me this quarter and starting Thursday... She takes over all teaching and planning and grading and phone calls! I love it!

In the meantime, I have planned a few posts that will be coming soon.

For today: here is a little interview chain idea that Jamie took from Whoorl who took it from someone else... don't you love the blog world?

ANYWAY... Jamie's questions to me:

1. If you chose to max out your credit cards, at which store would you do so?

I could not just choose one store! I would need something for me, somethings for the kids, maybe a little something for Adam, lots of fun stuff for the house.... I guess if I had to pick one store it might be like Target because who can resist tons of cool stuff for cheap?

2. Facial hair on men: yeah, or nay?

I do sort of like facial hair on men, some men. I like beards on older men like my dad... if they can keep it trim and neat; no crazy-bum looking- Santa Claus beards! I do like my hubby with a little facial hair; I think he looks more mature. But again- I hate it if it looks scruffy!

3. What is your favorite winter sport?

Is drinking hot chocolate a sport?

4. Who is more annoying – Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest?

I am not really annoyed by either. I try to avoid them both at all costs which is not hard since I am so hopelessly out of the cool 20-something zone! I only get to watch shows that come on after 8 pm or have some tie to cartoons! Show me cartoon versions of each one and then I'll vote!

5. Do you believe in heaven?

I think I do.... I mean I want to.... I mean yes. (sort of).
I am a very conflicted person religiously. On one hand I grew up with a strong Christian background and never questioned it. But I teach various religions for a living. I teach that one religion isn't right and another isn't wrong. That puts some of my earlier religious education into severe questioning. And if I question one thing, do I have to question it all?

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Anonymous said...

Carson Daly is so more annoying. Ryan Seacrest is dopey. Do I think about these things too much?