Thursday, April 07, 2005

At Jamie's request

In just a moment I will tell you all a story that Jamie assured me is perfect Blog material.

First, let me say... 1. This is my first post from home! 2. I decided to stay home and rest today, I am proud of my decision. It wasn't my most responsible decision ever, but I feel better than I have in over a week.

Now... On to Jamie's new favorite story....

Jamie and I were talking on the phone last night and all of a sudden she had to stop to tell Doc to stop licking the couch. This prompted me to assure her that that was nothing. Tuesday afterschool I had taken a nap to try and feel better. Adam had taken Brianna away to play for the most lovely hour nap on the couch, all curled up under one of those knit blankets... Anyway, I was just waking up when they came back. Brianna saw that my eyes were open and rushed right over to get my attention. Well, I must not have been quick enough to give her my full, undivided, fully awake attention. She decided to head butt me in the shoulder. This is not an evil act, it is her way of hugging/cuddling. Well, she stayed that way for a moment and I thought it was very sweet... Until I looked down at her and she was licking the blanket!

In my horror that she was licking the "icky" blanket, I pushed her little chest back until she could no longer reach the blanket with her abnormally long, pointy tongue (which has previously been compared to Gene Simmons). She thought this was now hysterical. She leaned back in to lick the blanket some more after giving me a look that clearly said "mom, you are ridiculous and I am going to lick this blanket just so you push me back again." We went on like this for several minutes. She would lick the blanket, I would push her back, she would give me her devilish smile, and we were at it again.

Its amazing how often babies and toddler stories are similar to dog stories!

(EVen as I type this... she is licking a piece of paper that I've just had to confiscate!)

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Kate K said...

I'm so glad to know what Jamie was laughing so hard about last night! That's hilarious!