Friday, April 22, 2005

blogging vacation

I may not be blogging much right now... not that I was real often before but...

1. Blogger will not let me view my own site right now, everytime I try, I get sent to the dashboard, not the site itself. Weird, and a little discouraging.

2. We have blogging ring at our school! The kids are now into blogs and are being somewhat dangerous and inappropriate in the information they are sharing. SO- Blogs are being monitored all over our building to see how the kids are managing to update them from school and just to make sure our kids are safe. SO- I hope this one won't get me in trouble, Blogger is not being monitored that I know of, our kids are using something called, so that is being blocked currently. Still, I feel a little unsafe blogging from school right now.

I hope to be back with you soon, or find more energy to blog from home.

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