Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Call the men in the white coats

Well, I am trying hard to make this a positive place. I have forbidden myself from talking about sickness or any other unhappy thing right now. So, of course that's all I can think about to write.

Except maybe... I have lots of thoughts on the fact that Britney Spears has just announced that she is pregnant. I don't really know her but I am afraid she will be a horrible mother. She just seems so self-involved, and young. I know lots of people have kids young, but she acts young. And what about Kevin? He just left one woman who was 6 mo pregnant with his child at the time. Several gossip magazines I've read say that he doesn't want children and that this could break up their marriage. I don't really care except that it is one thing to bring a child into a strong marriage... it can be tough... but if one person isn't happy about it. What will happen then?

One of my strangest thoughts is that maybe I should e-mail Britany! If she's just announcing it now, she's probably within a few weeks of my due date and maybe she would like another pregnant girl to hash things out with. This is where the men in the white coats should come and take me away. Do I actually think that she would read my e-mail and want to be pen pals or something? Well, no, not really, which is why I'd never actually do it... but I've seriously considered it.

Which maybe means that actually I want another pregnant person to talk to. My friends and family are great about listening and trying to understand but there is just no substitute for a friend who is close to your due date who can REALLY understand and offer advice that might actually work. I love my mom, and my friends, but they either haven't been pregnant, or not for over 25 years! They don't really know how to help, or that maybe I don't need help, I just need them to nod and say "Oh" or "that's too bad" at all the right times. Another pregnant woman would understand that.

Call in the straight jacket... I'm really loosin' it today!

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Jamie said...

Do they make straitjackets in a maternity size? We may have to special-order one in advance, if you're really planning on losing it anytime soon.