Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beautiful Brianna

Today, I dressed Brianna with all the preppy-ness I just can't seem to manage for myself! Her little pink "Izod" style shirt, whose collar just won't lay down for some reason, and her little white shorts looked adorable with her matching pink scrunch socks and white keds!

I couldn't resist!

She woke up this morning and proceeded to refuse to leave her crib until she could show me her blanket. Now, I have seen this blanket every day for almost 2 years now! I couldn't figure out why this was so important... then, through my own early morning haze, I realized she was actually saying blanket. She didn't care about showing me the blanket, except that she was showing me that she could say it's name.!!!!!!

I'm so proud.... Harvard, here we come!

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