Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No news is just more of the same

The old saying goes... "No news is good news"... well, not always in my findings.

No news just means everything is the same. Good or bad...just same.

In my case, that's not so good. We are trying new bottle styles with Grant this week and am planning to deprive him of food this weekend. Not really but... Someone I know recommended a book called "The Baby Whisperer". This book recommends the following: Offer your baby nothing but a bottle for 48 hours, offer it every hour until he drinks from it. This is based on the premise that he will eat if he gets hungry enough. I SINCERELY HOPE SO! I'm not sure I can take the screaming if it doesn't work. Anyway, the theory goes that after the 48 hours, as long as you offer a bottle once a day the baby will never have a problem drinking from them. It worked for my friend. I think I might call my pediatrician and see what they think of my intentional torture of my infant son.

Brianna is good. Cranky though. I think she realizes that most of my attention and time is being spent trying to figure out Grant's stuff. She knows she's getting the shaft and is acting out to get attention. She's not doing anything major, but sometime the little annoying things are worse than one big thing. She likes to put toys in her mouth. She knows that's not what she's supposed to do but... she puts them in her mouth and then turns to me and mumbles... "look at me mommy" and grins like the devil! I tell her to take it out and she does for a while, until she feels silly again.

Adam is not doing so good. He doesn't tolerate Grant's temper tantrums well. He gets REALLY frustrated and just needs to get away. When he's stuck, he gets angry. I know he only wants to make our kids happy but he scares me a little when he's angry around the kids. I don't want them to learn that yelling is the way to get things done. He's working on it.

ME, I'm just same... sleep deprived, a little sad, and V.E.R.Y. busy!

Tomorrow I'll try and look for happy things to post.


Jamie said...

You and I grew up just fine in a yelling, short-tempered household. In other news, even I have heard about how amazing that Baby whisperer book is.

Just a reminder - if you're giving Adam all sorts of opportunities to get away when he gets frustrated, make DAMN SURE he's doing the same for you. I'm just sayin'.

Jen H said...

I have no idea how you do it all, but you're such a great mom! Hang in there. Call me if you and Adam need a night out, happy to babysit anytime.