Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm working!

I was reminded by Jamie that I have yet to post the promised Chuck E Cheese pictures... I'm working on it! I do the majority of my work on my iMac at school and the photo software offered by Blogger is not Mac compatible. I have tried another site now but it is proving to be more difficult and time consuming than I can manage right now.

Besides... I'm working this week! I don't mean that in the, I go to work sense, but in the, work is crazy and I barely have time to breathe sense!

This morning... Brianna and I were counting the school busses we saw on our drive to school (she LOVES school busses). Suddenly, she informed me that the school bus was silly. I of course asked why, she said (after thinking a moment) that the school bus tickled her! I said that SHE was silly. She started laughing at herself maniacally and saying "tickle tickle"!

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