Friday, February 17, 2006

scaleyboy and stoplightgirl

I love calling my kids by nicknames. (Thanks to Jamie for the ones above). Very seldom are they actually Brianna and Grant. Other people also call my kids by nicknames. Is this common in other houses, or am I certifiable?

Today Jamie made me crack up by calling them "anklebiters". Nothing new just really funny today for some reason.

We have taken to calling Grant "The Owl" because of his love for trying to spin his head as far as he can in either direction. Someday he will star in "The exorcist" without special effects needed!

We used to call Brianna "Little Lizard" because of her love of sticking out her tongue. I don't think we have a picture of her between 2 months and 10 months old withOUT her tongue sticking out!

Other names:
Brianna------- Grant------------- Shared
Bri Bri---------- G.------------------ Pumpkin
Silly Goose ------Senior Stinky ------Sweetheart
Miss Muffet----- Slugger------------ Bub/Bubber
--------------------------------------Short Stuff

....And so many more.....


Jamie said...

I would like to assert, at this time, that I coined the "Bri Bri" nickname. And technically, I have to credit Jen H. with the term "ankle biters," as she is the person from which I learned that wacky one.

Jen H said...

For empty nesters with no grandkids, my parents always have lots of little ones hanging around (nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc). So, yep, anklebiters is a commonly used phrase. Happy to pass that funny one along. :)