Thursday, February 09, 2006

Motherhood is about torturing your kids

Grant is allergic to daycare. I mean this quite literally. In the weeks after starting daycare he developed a very nasty, crusty, dry skin meets open sores kind of rash. We noticed that it would get slightly better over the weekend and by Wed it was back in full force. I took him to the doctor who said it was excema. If all my research is right, this means he has an allergic reaction to something that is causing his face to dry out and chafe. The daycare very graciously switched to the same detergent I use at home. No dice. I have to use this nasty greasy cream on his face and then I can't kiss his wonderful little cheeks!

I am sad. He is itchy.

I really hope at his next dr. appt. the new dr. has something better to say!

I am also torturing Brianna by working. She is the smallest little girl in her class and there is a little boy who is picking on her. Everyday she tells me what he did today. (She calls him Goga, this is not his real name but a version of how she hears his last name). "Goga pusha me down".
"Goga hit me". Etc. Her teachers are quite aware of the little 2 year old bully but there are only 2 teachers and 15-18 kids in the room. They can't watch every minute.

I've taken to buying her cookies and am stopping myself just short of telling her to hit him back. The teacher in me won't condone fighting in any way. But maybe soon...


Jamie said...

I know you don't want to hear this, but Bri is teeny. She will probably always been the smallest in her class. She needs to learn to stand up for herself - better now than later. Kids are resilient.

Jamie said...

Yeah...probably always BE.

I sure knew my tenses! ;)