Thursday, February 16, 2006


Keep it simple stupid!

I think Grant is Itchy! I wouldn't be happy if I was itchy and didn't know how to scratch!

I took a good look at Grant last night and he doesn't just have the ezcema break outs on his face, they are on his arms and legs as well. (Those aren't nearly as bad since they are covered all the time and don't get irritated). He also has plain old dry skin on his belly and back! I feel like a silly mommy for not thinking of that!

I feel so much better today because I have a plan!
1. Get the outbreak under control with warm soaks in the tub and a good sensitive skin lotion in addition to the medication.
2. Start playing with foods and chemicals to see what causes outbreaks... maybe the daycare teachers lotions.

I love having a plan!

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