Tuesday, January 31, 2006

not one good thing

I have been trying to come up with one good story from the past few days but really, it's been "normal" in our neck of the woods. I decided to give a little bit of "normal" to the web.

Daily occurrences:
Brianna wants to do it by herself. (It doesn't matter what "it" is, we hear... "NO, I do!)
Grant stinks up the whole house.
Brianna cries when it's time to turn Dora off.
Grant just cries.
Brianna wants to eat but nothing I'm offering.
Grant eats constantly (every 4 hours feels like constantly... Especially in the middle of the night.)
Brianna makes a mess.
Grant makes a very different kind of mess.
Brianna gives us "big hugs" that strangle, and sloppy wet kisses.
Grant smiles so big we think his lower jaw might pop out of it's socket.

That's life these days!

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