Monday, January 23, 2006

New lease on blogging

I have made a decision... I am going to resign myself to mommy blogging.

I have so many things that I want to tell my children someday, like how they looked when they were crying or how frustrated I get when they won't eat. However, I know that I will forget it all before they are old enough to care. I've never been good with a journal or diary but this is more like e-mail. I'm going to "e-mail" my kids information about themselves.

I may occasionally tell y'all other things too like how hard it is to finish graduate school with two kids (3 if you count my husband, and I do!).

My name is Johanna, and I am a mommy blogger! I will flood the internet with stories of my children that only I think are funny. I will waste cyberspace with information that no one but me, and maybe a handful of others will ever read. I only hope that someday, this will still be available for my children to read, if even they care!

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