Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wednesday, oh how I loathe thee

Wednesday is a four letter word in my house.

After working all day with cranky pre-teens (hump day means cranky day in a middle school), I go to graduate school all evening. Graduate school is interesting on a social level if not academic level, at least my whispered side conversations keep me awake. Then I go home.

At home I generally find at least one crying child and a husband who looks like Mt. Vesuvius on a BAD day! Adam is wonderful with our kids, he plays with them, changes diapers, does everything a good dad should... but he does not handle crying well. Despite his ever growing knowledge of what children need to be happy, he doesn't always think of the right one at the right time. Especially with Grant.

Please don't think I blame him! I love my husband and can't thank him enough for understanding that I need to finish my masters and keep working. I know exactly how he feels when Grant is screaming with a tummy ache and Brianna wants milk NOW and you just can't handle one more minute! But it's still chaos I come home to.

One more grad school session till I graduate... 10 more frickin Wednesdays.


louisprice9938924818 said...
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Jamie said...

looks like you need to enable comment verification and/or author approval - blogger comment spam is getting worse by the day

Kate K said...

I love the countdown - I can't believe you're almost done! I have 16 more Wednesdays. Here's to approaching graduation!