Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For posterity

If my kids actually read this someday, like I hope, to find out the things I can't remember from their childhood... I think it's time to log what our day looks like:

5:30 Mom wakes up and gets herself ready
6:00 Mom feeds Grant while Dad gets Brianna ready
6:15 (or more like 6:30 most days) Mom leaves for school with Bri and Grant, Dad gets himself ready
6:45? Dad leaves for work
6:45 ish- Mom drops the kids at school- first I drop off Grant, then Brianna with some cuddles, then back to Grant for cuddles and our daily list of new things to try so maybe Grant will eat today!
7-4 Parents working.... Kids playing
Brianna- You love the kitchen area, especially shopping with the plastic shopping cart and taking care of the baby dolls. You also love painting and eating. Your favorite foods are Chicken nuggets and Mac and Cheese. You also will eat pasta, apples, or grapes until you explode! You are still napping about 2 hours every afternoon. When I come to pick you up, you don't want to leave school. You always ask for "tee mo minutes" (Three more minutes). I usually give you about 5 while I hear from your teachers about what a stinker you were today.
Grant- You are napping about 3 times a day, for an hour or 1 1/2 hours at a time. You eat twice a day at school. You are a stinker about eating at school, you give your teachers a really hard time. You have done better these past few days with new bottles and I really hope that you will be a better eater soon. You are so good at "Tummy time" that you haven't learned to roll over yet. I know you will soon though. You have just figured out mirrors and break into the biggest, most beautiful smile whenever you catch site of yourself in one. Your teachers love you silly and cuddle you a lot even though you are cranky for them.
4-6 Mom picks up the kids and we all go home and play or watch tv. (Dad picks up on Wednesday's and Mom goes to grad school)
6ish- Dinner as a family. We go out about twice a week, or bring in food more often. On Tuesday's Dad and Mom take turns taking Brianna to Gymnastics (aka 'nastics). Bri LOVES 'nastics!
8:15/8:30 Dad takes Bri to bed most nights. Mom does it occasionally if she's not feeding Grant at this time. We read you two books, turn out the lights, say prayers, tuck you in, and remind you of all the wonderful things that happened today and might happen tomorrow. We give you one book to "read" as you fall asleep.

Kids- We love you THIS much!

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