Monday, March 20, 2006


I don' know if it's just Brianna, or if it's all 2 year olds... They get obsessed with things!

This week it's stop signs. I don't know if road signs are something the daycare is teaching her or what but she is obsessed with stop signs. She points out every stop sign we see, and asks for more stop signs if there aren't any around. Add this to the green light/red light things and driving in a car with her is REALLY annoying.

To add more fuel to my morning fire, the majority of our drive is east, straight into the sun. After repeating several times that the sun is awake, she starts complaining that it is in her eyes. Not that I can blame her there, the sun is indeed blaring right into our eyes. In the past we have given her paper or a folder to hold up to block the sun. On really cranky mornings, we've even had to hold it up for her. Recently though, I bought her little sunglasses. She finally stopped playing with them long enough to wear them properly and now we can't drive anywhere with out them!

Horror of the sunglasses were left in Daddy's car! The entire way to work I had to hear various levels of whining... I need my glasses! Luckily the sun was blocked by clouds occasionally. I think I will have to buy a second set of glasses this week!

Grant- you don't ever have to start talking if you don't want to!!!

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