Wednesday, March 08, 2006

If it's not one thing...

So. We figured out this whole Grant/Bottle thing and I won my bids on e-bay. As I speak (type?) more bottles and a variety of nipples are on their way to me. This should be enough to last us quite a while, until sippy cup time! In the meantime, my whole family came down with colds this weekend. Boxes and Boxes of tissue later, everyone is well but me. I seem to have progressed from head cold to mind numbing flu. I took today off work and will probably take tomorrow off as well. Friday I 'm taking the 99 hormonal teenagers and 10 responsible (?) parents on a field trip. If I'm not better by then, I might just kill myself by the end of the day. I'll let you know! (PS- Today Blogger won't let me use my return key to move the cursor so please pardon my messy post!)

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