Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today I loathe my job!

Yesterday, my administration, took a project I had worked hard at, a project where I'd worked out all the foreseeable details, a project in which I had great pride and sense that I had done something good for the students of this school, and they changed it.

I suppose that is their right. I am, as my husband informed me, "only a teacher". But! I go above and beyond for this school. I work my butt off trying to help this school. And they didn't even tell me. I found out when an uninvolved person told me about the project. (They didn't know it was MY project.) And the details were all wrong. I can appreciate that they are the bosses and might see things I don't see. I can appreciate that they are at least following through on the ideas even if they've changed portions of it.

I do NOT appreciate that I didn't even get the courtesy of a phone call or email explaining to me that they'd made changes and why. I can not, will not, understand the lack of return communication. Don't give me the freedom to create a project, and then take it apart with out at least telling me why! Today, I will be spending a portion of my day looking for new jobs. It will be pointless this time of year but it feels like an action I can control.

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Sarah said...

It's a good time to look for administrator jobs!!! hint hint! The best of luck to you Joey. Just be careful not to burn bridges that you still may need.