Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me Time!

There used to be a time when if you were a mom, that is all you were. Now we are so many other things that our lives can become endlessly confused and hectic. The current solution for that, which I heartily agree with, is Me Time.

We are even teaching our kids about Me Time. When they've played together too much and the last nerve is frayed, the whole family will take Me Time. Brianna often plays babies, or now her DS, in her room. Grant takes his cars and picture books to his room. Adam usually watches TV. Me, I facebook.

I believe I may have an addiction forming to facebook. I could be on there for hours everyday if time permitted. It started during my maternity leave and I actually did have hours to spend. First I love reading the live feed and looking at all my friends posts and pictures. Then, I MUST care for my Farmville farm. I make a point to help all my other friends farms too so I can get more coins and points to move ahead and get better stuff. Usually, my next act is to care for my fish tank in Happy Aquarium. I can't leave them alone too long, they get sick! If I still have time before the family melds together again, I play the free games like Bejeweled and others. I admit, sometimes I facebook multiple times in one evening.

I'm working hard at stepping away from the computer! I have a book I'm reading... this used to be my Me Time... before "The Book". I don't want to spend money for Me Time... manicures and pedicures are just not in the budget right now. I would love to bake more but I might as well just apply the dough to my hips and butt at this point.

What do you do for Me Time?


Jamie said...

My "me time" consists mostly of sleeping and booze. Not necessarily in that order.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Bejeweled Blitz on FB.