Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi, How are you?

I believe I've mentioned a few dozen times that I am a teacher. This means that for a small but significant part of my day, I "wander" around the halls... to the copier, to the lounge, to the office, etc. In a school- there are ALWAYS people in the halls. Common courtesy dictates that you acknowledge them.

If you don't know them well, a nod of the head or a simple "Hi" will do. If you know them by name, most people politely ask... "How are you?". I don't ask this and I'll tell you why...

If I really wanted to know how you were, I would have called, emailed, or actually sought you out for this purpose. In the 15 seconds I see you in the hallway, you can not actually tell me how you are.

When people ask me, I usually say "fine". (Don't we all just say "fine"?) What would that other person do if I told them how I really was... "Well, I stayed up too late last night and I think a cold is coming on because my throat feels like I've swallowed nails but we've got a babysitter for this weekend so unless I'm hospitalized I'm thrilled that we're going out drinking on Saturday." What would my mere acquaintance think of that!?!

Min has another interesting answer... "It's Friday". I may borrow that...

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