Wednesday, December 09, 2009

So disappointing

We went to our favorite photo studio on Monday. It was past time to get Chase's 3 month shots, and Grant and Brianna haven't had a professional picture since this time last year.

It was N.O.T. good. If Chase was happy, Grant was making funny faces. When we tried to get Grant to stop, he started crying. Several of Brianna's shots look like she's grimacing in pain! The family shots- oh geez! Not one decent one of all of us.

AND THEN- the prices! We were just there 3 months ago for some newborn pics and the prices were somewhat reasonable... now- Through the ROOF! Adam wanted to walk away, not purchase anything. However, I'd already paid $30 to get my hair done and I'd gotten the whole fam-damily in coordinating dress-up outfits. There was no way in frozen hell that I was walking out with out something for my efforts.

So we got our holiday cards, and decent pictures of each child individually. We ordered NO family shots, save the one on the card, and NO shots of the kids together. And I am never going back to that place again... or not without one doozie of a coupon. And maybe with one kid at a time!

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Sarah said...

We have our picture tonight. I am really nervous because in the past year or so, my children have decided to smile like idiots or look like they are in pain in EVERY picture practically. We shall see how this goes!