Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm not sure what to say

On a daily basis, someone asks me what it's like to have 3 kids. I don't want to complain, I fought hard to have 3 children and I love each one of them more than I could ever describe. I also don't want to give a false impression to my well-meaning inquirer. It's HARD to have 3 kids. Just mornings alone would probably kill me if not for my incredible husband and very understanding day-care.

Just yesterday... I was running late getting out of the house. I had to take the 2 boys to daycare, Adam had Brianna. Grant had decided to pretend that his car seat was playing music... He instructed me not to turn on the car until he started his music first. I must have responded with an "OK" or something, then I promptly forgot. I started the car and he started crying and yelling at me because I didn't wait for him to tell me to start the car. I (unfortunately) yelled back about being late and frustrated. A moment or two later, we both calmed down. I apologized for yelling at him. I explained that even when I was angry or frustrated I still loved him and I would try to listen better the next time. He was quiet for a few seconds before he sternly responded, "Mommy, saying sorry doesn't always get you what you want. But thank you for using your words".

That moment actually made my whole day better and I smiled all morning.
Just when things are looking the worst, one of my kids will do something funny (usually unintentionally) and turn my whole day around.

That's what it's like with 3 kids.

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