Friday, September 29, 2006


I started to write a post all about the drama and stress I felt in trying to plan Grant's first birthday party. But the problem is, it turns out it wasn't that dramatic, and now the stress is gone.

Long story short: October weekends are SO packed for my family, we just couldn't find a date when the family could all get together to celebrate. Or at least not one that was remotely close to his actual birthday. So. We are having it on a weeknight. And I feel bad that some family is inconvenienced to come after work, or leave work early, but I feel I had no choice.

In other news; Today Amalah made me cry. I only wish I could say the same things about my life, about my kids, about my husband... because I feel all the same things, I just can't write like that! WOW!

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Jenny said...

I'm glad the stress is gone. When it comes down to it, the first birthday is really just for you anyway so you might as well have fun rather than being all stressed out, right?

Going to check out Amalah now!