Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Halloween has been decided!

Halloween... the 2nd most important decision of my month, has been settled.

Luckily, I did not get the Dora dress I was bidding on. Sorry kids, Mommy was not willing to spend over $30 PLUS shipping to get ONE costume! It would have been at least another $30 for the other one.

Really though, it was a good thing. I went home Monday debating on paying too much for the princess Dora costume, or settling on the regular Dora costume. So I asked Brianna which one she wanted... to which she promptly answered... "I don't wanna be Dora anymore, I wanna be a princess! I wanna be Cinereya!" (That's Cinderella for all you people who don't speak three year old.)

SOOOOOOOOO, That actually made Brianna's costume really easy because we already have a Cinderella play dress. The only debate was what should Grant be....
Not Prince Charming, he's way to short!
Not a stepsister because, duh, he's a boy.
Maybe the dog... or the horse...

Tuesday I won a very cute, and very reasonably priced mouse costume on e-bay. I will add a little t-shirt and some booties, and Voila! Cinderella's best friend, the mouse!

It's a little scary how thrilled I am!

Soon to come... the drama of planning Grant's first birthday party....

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