Thursday, September 21, 2006

Halloween Help Needed

Halloween is coming! Mothers everywhere are either working diligently to make their child the best costume ever, or scouring the stores to buy the one costume that will make their child have the perfect Halloween.

My mother made me Halloween costumes every year that I would let her. Some of my favorite costumes are still hanging in my closets in the hope that some year, they will fit my children just right. My mom spent hours and hours, late at night usually, sewing instead of sleeping.

2003-For Brianna's first Halloween, I made her a Tinkerbell costume. OK, honestly, it was just a green sleeper but I made a little tutu and wings.
2004-For her second Halloween, I made her a strawberry costume. Well, really, it was a red turtleneck and sweatpants but I hand sewed little black beads all over the shirt and made a collar out of felt that looked like leaves.
2005-Last Halloween, Brianna was a cowgirl. I bought a little denim dress and added fringe and bandana print detailing. That year was also Grant's first Halloween. He was a cow! I took a white sleeper and attached black felt spots.
2006-I don't know what to do! I love the idea of my kids having coordinated costumes, I think it's very cute and they are too young to protest. I think I will have to give up on making my kids costumes this year which makes me really sad. I just don't have the time and my skills are sorely lacking. My friend is having the same problem... Any ideas for us? Please help me decide:

Brianna- Princess; Grant- Frog... (not quite right because I really don't want the princess to kiss the frog).

Brianna- Dora the Explorer; Grant- Boots the Monkey... The Dora costume would be pretty easy but the monkey, not so much.

Any other ideas?

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