Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Worst mother in the world; part 35976

Today I sent Grant to school sick.

More specifically:
Grant woke up around two and had a fever. I did not actually take his temperature but people, a mom knows, he was hot, and not in the Paris Hilton way. I gave him Tylenol and we cuddled until I could feel that it was working. I tried putting him to sleep. For the next hour, we played the comfort the baby game. I comfort him for a few minutes and put him down. He sleeps for a few minutes, teasing mommy into thinking it worked, and then he screams until I come back again. Finally at around 3:30, I took him into bed with me. From there, we both slept in 30-45 minute stretches until whatever was wrong started bothering him again.

This morning, the fever was back, he was one hot little guy! However... I can't take off work today because I'm taking off (sort of) for a conference tomorrow and I can't stay on schedule if my students have 2 days of substitute instead of one... SO, I gave my little sicky more tylenol and hope that the 5-6 hours it buys me until daycare figures out that he's sick and shouldn't be there is enough.

That being said... what the heck am I doing writing on my blog when I should be working?

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