Monday, September 25, 2006


Halloween... I think we have decided on Dora and Boots. Brianna is almost out of this Dora phase and if we don't do it this year, it's never going to happen. Besides, I think I found the right costumes on E-bay and will be purchasing today to make sure I get them in plenty of time.

New Stuff... Did I mention that Grant can clap now? And that he loves music? Well, yesterday we were at my in-laws with all the 30 year old toys... I started playing on one of those little xylophone things and he stopped dead in his tracks, stared at me while I was playing, and then clapped for me when I was done. It was SO cute!
... Also... We have officially taken Grant off the bottle and put him on sippy cups cold turkey! I was so tired of washing the 4 cracking, leaky, bottles we own daily, I found a sippy he likes and today will buy a boat load of them... or atleast 12! (Why did we only own four crappy bottles... see January and February posts about discontinued bottles!)

Bad Mommy... Grant's dinner was all thrown off by a crazy schedule yesterday (he napped through lunch and didn't eat until 2:30!). It was made worse by dinner at the in-laws (7 adults and 4 kids in a room about 400 square feet). So, I did his dinner out of order; snacks, then veggies... then I should have done the bottle later. PEOPLE... I FORGOT TO GIVE HIM HIS BOTTLE! He didn't even mention it... until 2 am. Then he mentioned it, he mentioned it over and over for a half an hour until obtuse mommy figured out the problem! UGH, Sorry Grant!

And Bri- is fine. No real news. She's a stinker but I love her.

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Jenny said...

Hailey's just entered the Dora (er DOWA) stage. It's insane.

PS. I've totally forgotten a bottle before. No biggie. They're gonna remind you...eventually.