Monday, May 15, 2006

What Supernanny doesn't show you

We have been gearing up for some time to try the "Binky Fairy" technique as seen on ABC's Supernanny! Now, as a somewhat capable parent, I love to watch Jo Frost deal with the crazy people they dig up for that show! I do occasionally see a technique I like. This "Binky Fairy" technique involves gathering all the pacifiers in the house and putting them outside in a bag for the binky fairy to come and take to little kids that need them. In return the binky fairy leaves a special present for the newly binky free child. Sounded pretty good to me.

Last night, we took our one remaining binky and put it in a large gift bag and set it out on the front porch. We left a little note asking the binky fairy to take it and leave a special toy (and a sucker, Brianna wanted a sucker). Tonight, we will check the bag and the Binky Fairy will have left a very special doctor kit with a real working stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff! And a sucker!

This all sounds well and good... and we thought a nice thing to try.... but here is what Supernanny doesn't tell you...

She doesn't warn you that your precious daughter will cry for over an hour and a half because she is used to going to sleep with the binky. She doesn't warn you that your heart will break and your only thoughts will be of giving her back the binky because it's a school night and you all have to get up in a little over 6 hours.

I was only saved from the hazards of giving in by one simple fact... the same fact that made us finally choose Sunday May 14, 2006 as the Binky Fairy date... the one and only remaining binky had fallen in an un-flushed toilet that day. The ONLY, I repeat O.N.L.Y. thing stopping me from giving in last night was the thought of my precious daughter sucking on something that had recently been in her own pee. No amount of boiling and sterilizing could have made me do that!

Perhaps tonight will be a better night because now that I've jumped off the cliff, I'm going all the way to the bottom.

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