Monday, May 22, 2006


I have so many things I could post today, for a change. Brianna saw Dora Live last night... Grant learned to pull himself to sitting... We had a fabulous weekend... but I can't post any of that today because I am hell-a-distracted!

Today at 3:00 central standard time, I will present 2 years worth of graduate research. This is the LAST thing I need to do to complete my Masters Degree. Tomorrow morning, I plan on taking the word "student" out of my sidebar comments, and I will have a mini-me-party while doing it.

I can't get a darn thing done today. I am SOOOOOOO focused on 3:00. Did I mention my presentation is at 3:00. At 3:00 I will begin telling my school principals that they have tons of bad feeling circling around and will tell my grad professor that I ran a crappy research study.

Pray for 3:45.... I need 3:45....

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momof2blondegirls said...

How did it all go? Was 3:45 well worth it?