Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Mothers Day to ME!

Yesterday we had the nicest little mothers day party at Brianna's "school". Yes, I know MD is 11 days away but for a variety of reasons, yesterday was a good day for it. The kids put on a little show for us where they danced along to little songs. (I call these hokey pokey songs... They words tell you what to do and you just listen and follow along). Then we ate a lovely snack of cheese nips and danishes accompanied by our choice of apple juice, ice tea, or water.

The culmination of the big party was when each child presented their mother with a gift they had made. (Brianna thought the gift was FOR her, not FROM her!) It was a lovely (cardboard) jewelry box on which someone claiming to be Brianna had hot-glued little gems. (Please GOD tell me that they didn't let my 2 year old anywhere near a hot glue gun!) Inside the jewelry box was a scarf (dollar-store bandana) as a gift from the teachers. Mine was white with blue polka-dots. Bri's teachers said to me... "I thought you'd like it, you wear a lot of blue".

People... If you discount blue jeans....I OWN NOTHING BLUE!

On the serious plus side, There was a very nice card with a poem the teachers had written and a drawing by the real Brianna. There was coupons for extra hugs and kisses from Brianna. And there was a nice lily (That will probably die in my car today because I forgot to take it out).

I love the thought, and they say that's what really counts.

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