Monday, November 23, 2009

SO overwhelmed!

So I am writing my first blog entry from work! I seriously need to focus my thoughts and get my self together! (SO how is blogging going to help? It's not but I get to relax for a minute!)

Somehow, getting to know 95 students always seems easier in August when no one knows them. But now- I am trying to learn names, accommodations, quirks, special needs, behavior triggers... all from someones notes. I don't have time to wait and see like I would have been able to in August! UGH. AND- This week is conferences- so I get to meet all the parents of the kids I don't know!

On the plus side-- Chase is loving daycare (as much as a 3 month old loves anything). Morning patterns are working pretty well... mommy just has to get her lazy butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier! :-)

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