Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh Behave!

I am heading out the the store today to buy something special... Something I hear is the greatest gimmick ever to be invented by parents and the great all-knowing Hallmark.

It is called... The Elf on the Shelf! Have you heard of it, do you know?

The elf comes to your home the day after Thanksgiving. He sits on a shelf in the house all day long. At night, he leaves to report back to Santa in the north pole. When he returns in the morning, he is in a new place in the house! Sometimes he brings a little treat for the kiddies... AND you can't touch him because if you do, he loses his magic and he can't go back and tell Santa how good you are.

There is a book that comes with so if the kids don't believe you, the book confirms everything!
I am excited to try it.

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